Kiat Lim - Facilitation

Facilitation & Workshop

Facilitation and Workshops are a common process to achieve alignment. Whether it’s for stakeholders or end-users, there’s always room in every project to run a workshop or two to get ideas flowing.

Here are a few examples of where facilitation can used:

  • Requirements gathering from stakeholders
  • Data gathering e.g. Focus Groups
  • Problem definition
  • Users definition e.g Personas, Empathy maps
  • Ideation and brainstorming of solutions
  • Prioritisation e.g. for features, solutions, ideas
  • Resolving conflicts among groups
Facilitation for a large group requirements gathering session
Space setup for workshop
Space setup for workshop
Facilitation for a workshop with representatives from religious organisations

Based on your objectives, we co-design the process which we run the workshop. The process defines what the participants will do and how the workshop will provide a safe space for participants to achieve the objective.

Get in touch to see how facilitation can help in your next project.

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