Coaching for designers

The demands of a designer these days are tremendous. Many of us, junior to senior have been through feeling imposter syndromes, feeling not adequate at the job we do today. Truth is, it’s ok and the design community is full of awesome people who are keen to support and help one another.

As a designer for the last 16 years across multiple roles, I found myself having a keen interest in helping individuals like yourself become better version of yourself. If you are facing the following:

  • Unsure of career path and direction
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Uncertain about whether certain design methods is right for the problem you’re solving
  • Challenges in convincing stakeholders about research or design practice
  • Friction among design team members and internal/external teams
  • Not sure of the best way to validate your product and assumptions
  • Just needed someone to hold space for you and see if it leads to any signs of solutions

I can help.

Coaching is something that I’ve been exploring for awhile now and I’m keen to support you in this journey. Get in touch below for a confidential 60 mins discussion. (As I’m still on my learning journey, there are no fees involved and no strings attached.)

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“Kiat is a natural mentor – He is generous in sharing experiences, turning them into practical lessons. He has a honest, authentic way of explaining ideas. With every session with Kiat, I walked away with practical lessons & insights that can be readily applied.”