6 Factors Affecting Website Conversions

We’ve been busy with website conversion optimisation projects and many of them involve the redesign of landing pages.

What are landing pages?

In simple terms, a landing page is any page on your website that visitors FIRST land on in their initial interaction with you. It may be your homepage, your product details page or even your CEO’s profile page.

Why do visitors land on these pages?

There are several reasons. You may have intentionally driven traffic to these pages via paid search ads or social media ads; or the content may be so engaging and relevant that people constantly search for them. A CEO’s profile page may also be a landing page when he or she is recognised as a thought leader or the “public face” of the organisation.

When you realise one (or more) of these pages rank highly in the Google Analytics Landing Page Report, it is time to take advantage by improving the web page conversion.

After journeying with our customers on their website conversion projects, here’s a list of 6 factors that commonly prevent visitors from taking that leap.

Value Proposition

This is the overall perceived benefit in visitors’ mind. Is your value proposition clear?


This refers to how closely the content on your website match with what visitors expect to see. What is your value proposition vs. their needs?


How clear is your value proposition, main message and call to action?


Are there elements (or missing elements) on the page that create uncertainty in visitors’ mind?


What is the first thing that captures visitors’ attention when they land on the page? Does it help or hurt your main purpose? Is conflicting or off-target in any way?


Why should visitors take action immediately? What has the page communicated in terms of messaging, offer, incentive, tone and presentation that will push them into taking immediate action?

Which of these factors affect your website conversion?