Together Apart

A taxi driver once told me, time doesn’t fly, time is speeding. This pandemic truly makes me understand the essence of the phrase. Little did we know that a virus so small could bring our studio to a standstill and shut everything down in just a few months.

In case you are wondering, yes, we’ve stopped operating because there was just not enough work to sustain the team. However, this saying holds true “One door closes opens up another one with opportunities”.

We’ve moved on, we’ve started exploring the “emergent strategy” thats presenting in our paths now. Giang is retiring early at Danang, Kate is pursuing her dreams and being tai tai, Yvonne getting into a new role in Enterprise Product Design, Angeline working hard to help the Catholic church with Mass resumptions and I myself, joined a global consultancy firm which I never thought I would actually work for somebody.

Despite all that separation, what’s gratifying is that while we are no longer together physically, we are together at hearts. As we are all individually working on our own endeavours, we came together last week to share our learnings over the different work that we’re doing, rekindling those days we spend our Fridays doing team meetings and sync ups rituals.

It actually felt like we were “escaping” back to the past and parting was bitter sweet. While we didn’t became monetary rich in this journey, I am rich with learnings and extremely happy for the team to embark on a new journey to make meaningful impact.

Take care!

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