The dashboard for Bus Drivers

I’ve been taking bus more regularly now that I’ve sold my car and I can’t help but to observe how bus drivers have been using this complicated looking 2 piece screen device that appears in-front of them.

On closer look, it seems like the top screen tells is “touch screen” enabled where the driver can tap on the various icon such as the microphone to make an announcement and also see various information about the trip like what is the next stop.

The bottom screen however looks non-touch screen, where buttons on the sides are there being configured for a particular purpose as shown on the screen. E.g. button “0” is meant for “End Trip”.

I wonder how long did it take for Bus Drivers to master the usage of this 2-piece dashboard and how often do they make mistakes when using this seemingly complicated device?

Which also leads me to wonder, how can we simplify the design and make it easier to understand?