Kiat Lim at IxDA Taipei Jan 2019

Hello, I’m Kiat Lim

An experienced designer with over 10 years leading design teams and programmes, I work closely with stakeholders of enterprises, startups and nonprofits in the areas of product design, design thinking, product management and digital strategy.

I enjoy solving complex problems with clients, especially when it leads to meaningful impact to the society we live in. payeer I’m also excited by opportunities where I can help fellow designers become better versions of themselves. لعبه كرات

Sharing of research insights to our clients to help inform product strategy

You’ll typically find me in the early stage of projects, conducting research, data gathering or testing with users or see us facilitating a design workshop to gather inputs and requirements from your stakeholders or run a paper prototyping session with the team for idea generation and alignment.

Brainstorming and ideation workshop with client

I could also be involved in testing and validation of your product with your targeted users to understand their behaviour or solicit their feedback.

Usability testing setup and observation room

Depending on the complexity and requirements of the project, me and my team will be able to support you with the right competencies from UX Strategy, Design Research, Experience Design all the way to Prototyping and Validation. If you need help in implementation of your product, we can also rope in our partners from Singapore and Ho Chi Minh to support and guide you in the process. ايدن هازارد

Let’s make an impact together!

Happy to get connected, grab coffee, exchange ideas and collaborate!